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I have been back in MD for a week. My trip is over. Soon I will be going to NY to live with my Aunt and start my new job. Things are going fine. Nothing to report. I have been watching some tv, but mostly reading. I decided to re-read all of Kushiel before I start on this next book. It has been refreshing, but it is taking a while. At least it gives me something to do.

Trip: Day 1

Graduation is over and my parents left that Sunday. It was a long ceremony, but it is over. Sunday night I went to see Pirates with Becca and Cait. Got back way too late, went to bed way too late. Lindsey woke me up very very very very early. Basically the first half of our trip I slept. I think I slept until PA. Nothing of note happened our first day except that while I was driving my eyes started stinging for no reason forcing me to pull over. It was fine after a minute or two, but still, weird. We made it to Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Now we are heading to Chicago to see my Uncle and spend the second day there. More to come.

The Beginning of the End....

Eh, not really. I am just done with my work. Sitting around two weeks doing nothing. It has been fun to just hang around, but I am feeling kinda lethargic. Like I should be waking up early and going to class or something. No classes though. Not for a while. Graduation is coming quickly. I am scared and excited. I am excited for my trip to California. I am scared about starting my new job. Other than this there is nothing else to post about. Graduation and the end of college is all that is looming in my immediate future. I can feel the same emotions passing through my friends. I will be much more relaxed once I know these formalities are over.

Apr. 29th, 2007

I haven't posted in forever, but that is because I have been busy and lazy. The next few weeks I get to look forward to papers and exams. I have 6 papers and 1 final to complete before I am done. It is going to be crazy and stressful and then I am going to have a week to pack and do nothing. It is weird because ever since preschool I have been in some form of schooling and now it is going to be over. It will probably stay over for a few years, but then I am sure I will go back to do something. My first goal is to get my JD. That is going to be easier said than done.

So these past few weeks have been me just doing much of nothing. I have been procrastinating a lot, writing a few papers, watching a lot of bad tv. Last night was pretty festive. I went to Senior Ball. It was basically like a college prom, but this time people brought their girlfriends. We even had a theme of the party (MHC through the eras). I have a pic on facebook of my dress. It was pretty sweet. Matching earrings and headband and everything. For being sober it was really very fun. I danced, I schmoozed, I went home with blisters on my feet. All in all a good time.

Basically, that is it.


This week I was offered a job at Cohn & Wolfe. My internship over the summer was there and it is nice that they re-hired me at full time. Now I am so relieved that I have future plans. I was kind of freaking out, because I had sent my resume out to everywhere and I wasn't hearing back from anything. Most of my friends have heard from their desired job or grad school (with the exception of a few and I am praying for you all). Now that I am employed and everything is final (at least it seems final to me) I realized that I feel very young. At least too young to be going into a full-time job with an annual salary and the like. It is a lot of responsibility. Something that high school and college never prepares you for. I am actually going to live on my own. No more parents helping me out (well maybe the first few months), no more homework, no more social circle that is right there outside your door. The city can be amazingly crowded and empty all at the same time. I hope that I can keep myself afloat. I am worried that I will be alone and that I won't be able to handle that.

I know that at this moment there are a lot of people having the same feelings as me or will eventually have those feelings. It is an uncertainty of the future. In college we knew that the next year would bring more classes, stupid people in those classes, teachers that expected way too much from us or expected not enough. I know that I am getting a little sentimental, but I think that it is warranted. Knowing that I have a job makes me feel that not applying to grad schools right after college was the right decision. I don't think that I could handle more class and more homework and more professors trying to tell you how to think or write. I am going to get a different education (again sappy writing) and I have a feeling it is going to be so much different than any internship or other job that I have had.

Time to move on.

Happy Passover

I have to say that Passover is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. It definitely isn't because we get to retell the exodus story or that they made a rockin' movie about it (Prince of Egypt). It is because I love the food. I mean a week of Matzah is a little drastic, but I believe that once you get past the cramping and the cardboard like taste, you can find that Matzah really isn't the worst thing you could do for a holiday. I like the Brisket and the Maztah Ball soup and all the little other things that taste so good.

Now, I love my college and the people, but there is something about the Jewish community here that just doesn't pull me in. I never feel compelled enough to want to participate. Maybe that is because I am a conservative snob or maybe because I just don't see the point while I am in college, I don't know. Every year I begrudgingly drag myself to their pitiful service (okay, it really isn't that bad, but still...), but this year I got to go home! Now my parents weren't making passover, but my mom was making her famous Brisket and my sister-in-laws family was having the affair semi-catered. It started out as a great night with great food, but at around 8:30 everyone realized that my sister-in-law's father (who was leading the service) wasn't slowing down. He just kept on trucking through portions of the Haggadah that I have never even seen before. He was having us read the Pslams!! I didn't know that there were Psalms for Passover! Basically we were at their house from 6-10 doing seder. I love Passover, but I really just don't see the point.

I left to go back to MA without having done any of the work that I was supposed to accomplish. Shifra made second seder (yay, MHC was circumvented again) and the meal was great. The service was fast and there was lots of wine. I also got back in time to watch the SVU that Becca had taped for us. I was sad that I wasn't able to bring back some of my mothers Brisket, but I didn't feel like having it break open and drip all over the plane.

Back on campus and there is a list of things that I need to do that I really don't want to.
1) Paper for Hebrew tomorrow
2) Sketches in drawing
3) Readings for... well everything.
4) Send out more resumes.

Oh yeah, and I had to come into work at 9 am this morning. Full day today. Basically my day started at 8 and won't end until 9:30 pm (end of drawing class). BLAH!!

spring break coming to an end

So we are on the last legs of our journey back to MA. Actually the last toes. It was an interesting and relaxing week and I almost cried when I saw the snow in Jersey. Basically, the show isn't over. I am currently in Kiara's basement and in about two hours we will finally be saying goodbye to our vacation and go back to Mount Holyoke.

Apprently it is going to snow in MA tomorrow. It makes me so happy to know that my school is greeting us all back with open arms. It is also weird for me to be sun burned and walking around in ice and cold. It just seems so cruel.

We happened to be in NC during the nicest few days. It wasn't too cold it wasn't too warm. The day we left it started getting pretty hot, but for the most part it was perfect spring weather. Everything was in bloom, which was very pretty, but made it hard for me to breathe. The beach was pretty, and I don't really like beach. We got to see dolphins from off the coast. That was amazing. We explored an old civil war fort and reenacted scences from Ghost Hunterst (paranormal trackers on scifi). There were some creepy rooms in there, but I think most of the dangerous stuff was boarded up. We had amazing food at cute little townie resturants. Everyone was super friendly. I don't know, it was just a nice trip all around.

I didn't get any work done, expcept my drawing for class tomorrow. Back to MHC and back to the grindstone.

Spring Break Begins!

So I don't think that it was the best idea for us to leave early Saturday morning. It was snowing all night and basically there were just piles of snow and ice everywhere. I packed my car with Lindsey, Kiara, and this girl Sadia (we were dropping her off at Bradley airport), plus all of our things. I took pictures of this pretty packed car and all the snow and stuff. I thought once we got out of school 116 and 91 would be pretty much all plowed. I was so wrong. We basically ended up fishtailing our way to Bradley hoping to god that we didn't end up like the other cars totaled on the either side of the road.

Bradley was an easy stop. One, two Sadia was out and on her way. Though it is getting to be around 8:30 and we have all been up since 7:30. Breakfast needs to happen soon or we were going to be one grumpy bunch. New Haven was the place to stop. It was right off the Merritt, quick and easy. Heh, yeah right. I HAD to call my dad for directions to one diner. It was the worst mistake of my life. Basically he calls my great aunt and tells her we are in the area and going to stop by. Now, because he is living in MD he has NO IDEA that the roads are awful, they aren't plowed, and even if they were there is about an inch of ice still on the ground. The aunt tells him that the driveway wasn't plowed, that we shouldn't come. I told him that the roads were bad and that it was a bad idea. Nope, he insisted. Said that 21 year olds could make it down the iced driveway.

So we finish breakfast/brunch and head out on the dangerous journey to my great aunts house. Meanwhile I am driving and on the phone with my dad getting directions WHILE he is on the phone with the aunt getting directions from her. We get lost, we almost skid out, we finally get there and then get stuck at the end of her street in tons of snow. We get out and try to make it down the driveway. TOTAL ICE. All the snow had froze and it was just ice. So, I see my aunt standing on her porch and basically saying to me "Don't go down the driveway! It is dangerous." For all of that we never even make it inside her damn house! So we go back to the car and I fishtail my way back to the highway.

The rest of the trip isn't as exciting. We get to my parents house, everyone meets my brother and his family. We get up the next day and arrive at the resort in a timely fashion. Walk around the beach. Spring break has commenced!!!

Spring Break Awaits

Almost Friday and that means that it is almost spring break! This week was crazy busy and it went really really slow. Which was both a good thing and a bad thing. It meant that it felt that more time was spent with Steve. That was nice, but now I am just waiting to get away. I know that last semester I spent a lot of time away from school last semester because of my sickness, but after half a semester over and taking 5 classes and working part time, i am just beat. So, I am getting all my stuff together and leaving! I wish everyone a relaxing break (unless you already had your break, than I hope your transition back to school is okay). Although it is break I swear the professors never like you to miss a beat in their class. I will be sitting around reading and working on my resume. You know, things that I really should be doing.

Happy Break!